Strike Force is a book created by Ted Lubin.


In 2020 DEVGRU operators in North Korea retrieve Intel about Russian involvement the KPA's Nuclear Weapons program. In 2025 funds used for Iran's Nuclear Weapons research increase, threat posed their Nuclear Weapons Research caused the U.S. to airstrike the research laboratory and reactor control building of a suspected nuclear reactor.

In response the IRGC mobilizes its forces in preparation of an offensive into Iraq. As the situation between the and the U.S. deteriorates the U.S. send Marines to defend against possible attack from across the border.


Joint Special Operations CommandEdit

Naval Special Warfare Development GroupEdit

1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-DeltaEdit

Central Intelligence AgencyEdit

2nd Reconnaissance BattalionEdit


Army of the Guardians of the Islamic RevolutionEdit

Quds ForceEdit

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